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Panikian Island

I’ve been here once.  And that once,  helps me realized that there are a lot of beautiful places in my country that are not discovered yet

I’ve seen so many beautiful beaches,  in pictures and in reality.  My favorites are at Siquijor,  it is a very beautiful island filled with beautiful work of arts made by God.  My mom grew up there,  when I am little,  we used to go there every vacation and when I go home,  people can’t recognize me especially at night  because I somehow camouflage the night.  Funny though.

Panikian island is located at Pitogo, Zamboanga del Sur. If it looks good in pictures, well I guess you just need to see it for yourself. Pictures did give justice, but I tell you, it looks best if you see it face to face. You can roam and tour the island by walking for an hour and a half. The sea breeze that touches my face  and the beautiful view makes me fall in-love again and again.

Our tour guide said that this island is where the Pawikan lay  eggs.  So they are protecting the island as much as they can. No overnight stay in the island,  because,  Pawikan and other animals living there will be disturb.  No garbage is allowed to be thrown away anywhere.  Which people should practice more.

During our 5 hours stay there,  I was hoping to see a pawikan.  But,  no good at that time.  Maybe you are wondering why it is called panikian island and not pawikan island.  I don’t know the answer either.  Maybe because there are a lot of bat residing here too.  Because I am very amazed by the view that I can’t barely remember if I did asked it to them or not. Well,  I will find the answer soon.

Now,  I am reminded by a person  who always reminding me that anywhere I go,  I should leave nothing but footprints,  take nothing but pictures and kill nothing but time.