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Remain Unanswered

There are thing I don’t want to utter and questions I don’t feel like asking.
I am not demanding for an answer but why would you leave things like that?
Am I not worth the answer? Am I not worth any of it? …..
I am wondering…..
Why did I let you broke me.
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5 Centimeters Per Second

This movie made me think of these;
First. When the movie is about to start, I decided to read some comments in the comments section just to know if the movie is worth the time and effort. The 5th commentor wrote that if you want a happy ending you should stop watching at 24:04. I thought that maybe this is another heartbreaking movie. I stopped reading the comments and focus on the movie. Until I reached 24:04. If I did what the 5th commentor said, then maybe I won’t be writing anything about it now. But seriously, in life, when we talked about happy endings, it basically says “death”. There’s no such thing as “happy endings” here on earth. There will always be trials, sadness,loneliness and darkness. But I do believe, that happiness can be found anywhere and everywhere. You just have to find it right, within your heart. Don’t depend it on someone else, because what others can really give you is just a temporary happiness.
Second. There’s a tendency that you will fall to that someone who is always there beside you. To the one you are comfortable with and to whom you can share your everything and anything. I am not saying “all”, but there is a BIG POSSIBILITY that you will or maybe that someone WILL. I don’t know why, but maybe you fall because you always see him and you’re always together. Trust me, when he knows all your weakness and still show you all the acts of love…. you will definitely love him. When he sees your flaws and still stick with you, you will start liking him or loving him perhaps. Maybe, that “Opposite Attracts” thingy does not applies to everyone.
Third. I totally agree with this quote “Distance means so little when someone means so much”. Because love is greater than distance. But in reality when distance separates you and your love one, things around you also changes. Love is greater than distance but sometimes, distance is greater than love. Even me, I don’t really think that Long Distance Relationship will lasts. But somehow I know in my heart, I hope it would. That feeling you get when after years of waiting, you’ll be able to see him after a long trip and how would it feels like if that means of transportation you are depending to is just 4-5 hours delayed. Naahhh!
Fourth. When you love, waiting is mandatory. Like how, Akari waits for Takaki at the train station even if he is 4-5 hours late. Takaki’s late because of the heavy snow which makes the train stops for 2 hours nowhere. I pitied Takaki, when he cries because he worries that maybe Akari went home and didn’t wait for him. When he arrives, he saw Akari, waiting for him. Waiting is really worth it knowing that at the end, that someone you are waiting for, arrives. But what if he didn’t? what if, you just thought that it is going to be worth it? Same way as Takaki, waits for Akari. That single hope in your heart that someday you’ll meet again, when the skies are clear, the flowers are blooming and the stars conspire just for you to be together. What if it’s a lie? and what if, destiny change its mind and thought that maybe you are better off that way? How will you know, when to stop waiting?
Fifth. First, will always be the sweetest. Your first love, first kiss, first heartbreak, first look and that first smile matters a lot. It feels like, happiness will never end. That’s why, we need to cherish every moment of our lives. Because none of those will happen the same way again. Yah, you’ll meet that second up to that last love of your life, but it won’t feel the same way again. You might love that someone, more than your first love or less than the first. And it rarely happens that your first love is also your last love. So, enjoy your first!
Sixth. That someone who sees you and you won’t see him the same way. Because, we only look at the things we want to see, listen to the things we want to hear and love people we only want to love. There are people who looked at us as someone they want to love and live for the rest of their lives but we only see them as a friend, a friend we want to cherish forever. That’s the sad truth though. It’s hard and painful but we need to deal with it.
Seventh. Loving someone is somehow a choice. A lot of people will disagree with this statement. It is a choice because, we are so choosy of choosing people we want to interact with. Like what I’ve said, we only love people we want to love. We don’t love them just because accidentally we did. It will start , once you entertain that feeling of attraction, once you let your eyes set only for him and when you start giving him time and attention. Then, you’re opening a door for him entering your heart and life. You are giving him chances to hurt you. It’s your choice but you put the blame in your poor heart that the only thing it does is to pump blood just for you to live. If you know that you’ll get hurt in the end, then stop. If you can see that it’s going nowhere, then stop. I know it is not easy. But, nothing in this world comes out easily. Please, love yourself, you deserve it. #noteTOself
Eight. You always look back. You know why? because, you are holding on to that what if’s of life. How can you move forward if you keep doing it ? sometimes, looking back hurts. Stop touching your wounds if it’s in the process of healing. Let it bleed, let it hurt you, let the pain makes you cry and after that, come back, stronger.
Ninth. Write a letter or an email to no one. You write then delete. I used to be like that. I write, but no recipient. Just to release all those emotions hiding, just to make me feel better. Takaki, I feel you.
Tenth. 5 centimeters per second. At the beginning of the movie, Akaki said to Takaki that 5 centimeters per second is the speed at which the cherry blossoms fall. At first I thought that the movie is all about the cherry blossoms, hmmm or maybe it has something to do with it. But, at the end of the movie I realized that this 5 centimeters per second talks about life. Yeah, it is somewhat a love story that talks about life. How little by little we didn’t realize we’ve changed. How time, is powerful. How time, hurts us. How we decide on things on becoming of who we are.