Welcome and thank you for sparing some time visiting my blog site! 

“Amour” “et” “La Vie” is a french word means Love and Life. I came up with this two names because first, I think french is kinda cute and second I do believe that when you love, you will find your purpose in life. And by that life God gave you, you will find meaning what love is. So this blog site, Amour et La Vie (Love and Life) is my blog site about how I see nature, people, food and things in my perspective and what’s my realizations about those things that makes me love,  life more. Specifically,  my personal experiences and encounters. 


Love is just around the corner, you just have to look around closely. And when you find it, keep it. And when you keep it, you will definitely find the true meaning of life, the true meaning of being alive. Hope you’ll be inspired somehow. 🙂