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I have a friend who will be leaving today.  He will  be trained as a cadet at  the Philippine Military Academy. Studying in the academy means we won’t be seeing him for a year or more. We don’t even know if they are allowed to use phones there or check their social media accounts. We’re here in Mindanao,  while he will be in Luzon. We can’t visit him anytime we want.

I am so happy and proud because his dream is now coming into reality.  I am praying that he will prosper in that field and will serve the country in the future. The country will surely have a hard working and a very dedicated servant. But,  I can’t help myself not to be sad. Who won’t be sad at the thought that you will lose a friend,  physically.

Anyways,  I am so used to it,  meeting people,  being close to them,  then after all the moments you’ve shared together, they will leave you.  When you thought they will remain by your side,  they started walking away.  When everything is perfect and happiness seems not to lasts,  they slowly ruining it without even realizing it. I know it very well,  because I remember every one that leaves. At first they will try to contact you,  they will keep in touch and will start missing you.  But that is temporarily, every thing is temporary.  Little by little,  he/she will surely forget you.  And that is the pain about separation,  the feeling of being replaced.  Sooner,  he/she will find someone  better than you and your memories will remain  memories forever.

I hugged him for the last time.  I hope that, that hug will send him signals of how much I care and love him. No romantic feelings involve just a pure platonic way of love. Our memories will be buried deep down into his heart,  memories that he won’t try to revisit.  I know it,  even if he says it won’t happen, I know the pattern very well. I was about to tell him about it but it won’t help him in a way,  so I decided to shut my mouth.

So,  if ever he did not understand those signals. This is what I’m trying to convey.  I didn’t know that I’ve met you 2 years ago because it seems like I’ve known you for 5 years or more.  See,  numbers really doesn’t matter,  memories does.  Thank you for being patient with me and for always affirming me about my talents even if it just an ordinary one.  We both know I am not perfect but still you always see perfection in me and in everything I do.  Thank you for always believing in me and for trusting me that I can do better every day.  I will be forever grateful by your presence and by your existence.  I hope that you will keep your promise even though I am in doubt. You might forget me,  but I know facebook will keep reminding you about our memories hahahahaha (thanks fb). You will always have a space in my life and when everything doesn’t seem right just breathe in and out.  And remember that everything is temporary, and that one will surely pass too.  Never give up and hope to see you after 4 years living a life you’ve been dreaming off.  I wish you all the best and dont forget to center Christ in everything you do.

Life is a journey,  you remember to always take good care of yourself because that is the only way  you can repay people who loves you. Till we meet again, Captain. Bon Voyage!